Survey of Villages Abadi and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas

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1. Determination from Survey of India officials in Madhya Pradesh

Officials of Survey of India in Madhya Pradesh showcased utmost desire and determination to carry out drone flying in Balaghat district. Officials traveled through the tribal area and covered approximately 2 Kilometers and crossed the river to reach the drone-flying village. 

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2. Surveyors from Survey of India travelling high terrains for drone survey under SVAMITVA scheme

Surveyors from Survey of India travelling high and difficult terrains in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir for drone Survey under SVAMITVA scheme. 

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3. Due to implementation of SVAMITVA scheme, disputes have reduced

Due to implementation of SVAMITVA scheme, disputes have reduced

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4. Smt. Vineeta Bai becomes Self reliant

Smt. Vineeta Bai from Madhya Pradesh has become self reliant after recieving Property card and she foresee her future of opening up a Retail shop by taking loan.

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5. Bank Loan availed in Madhya Pradesh

Sh. Pawan from Harda district, Madhya Pradesh availed a loan of Rs. 2,90,000 under SVAMITVA scheme to augment his business

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6. Loan availed under SVAMITVA Scheme

Loan availed under SVAMITVA Scheme
Smt. Ramrati, a women household owner in village Mohammadpur Chauki, Tehsil Nawabganj of District Barabanki of Uttar Pradesh has availed a loan of Rs.20,000 for the repair of her house and purchase of a hand cart to further augment her business

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7. Dispute Settlement in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

Due to disputes, residents of locality were preparing to register cases in civil courts against each other which lead to more in-figthing and further leading wastage of money and time. Post scheme implemenation, the residents are expressing overall happiness with the outcomes of the Scheme and have feeling of strength and self-confidence which has lead to a sense of strength in the society

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8. Compensation received on the basis of Property Card

Sh. Rambharose Vishavakarma of village Abgaonkala of Harda district of Madhya Pradesh has received a compensation of Rs. 21.14 lakh on the basis of Property Card under SVAMITVA scheme against the land acquired for the building of National highway

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9. Boosting the Drone Ecosystem in India

Boosting the Drone Ecosystem in India -The requirements for drones under SVAMITVA scheme has provided an impetus to the Drone Manufacturing sector in India.The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have now developed Survey Grade Drones. Survey of India (SoI) being technology partner for the implementation of the scheme has been working arduously to achieve Scheme targets. Also, the Scheme has uplifted generation of employment for skilled manpower. Due to the huge requirement for GIS manpower, more than 600 GIS Digitizers have been engaged at various SoI offices and these numbers are increasing regularly based on their requirements. As a result, numerous START-UPs and MSME service companies have started augmenting their GIS manpower bench strength to cater to these requirements

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